Filling Therapies

We carry out the latest techniques and offer everything from traditional amalgam fillings to white fillings that match your teeth. We will advise you what is best for your dental health and help you choose the right restorations for you.


Crowns, Inlays and Bridges

If a large part of a tooth is lost through decay or breaking or if you have a very large restoration we may recommend a crown or inlay to protect your tooth from breaking.

  • Crowns These are usually made with porcelain, or precious metals like gold or palladium or a combination of porcelain and a precious metal. They encapsulate the whole tooth and enhance its strength. They can be made to look every bit as natural as an unrestored tooth.
  • InlaysThese are strong, durable replacements for amalgam fillings and can be made to protect your tooth from breaking. They are made from porcelain or gold and are often the treatment of choice for your back teeth.
  • Bridges These can be used to replace a missing tooth by using the teeth on either side to bridge the gap.




These are thin pieces of porcelain made specially for you and bonded onto the front of your teeth. Usually we recommend them when teeth are discoloured, chipped or slightly misshaped. They involve removing a shaving from the front and biting surface of your tooth, but don't encapsulate your tooth the way a crown does. Used mostly on front teeth, veneers can achieve fantastic results, either on a single tooth or on several teeth.


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